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Echoes of the Reformation

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The five solas of the Reformation are intensely practical for believers today. As Christians, knowing where we came from can help keep us moving forward....

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Finding Hope in God

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Lamentations 3:20...

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Praying For Your Pastor Day 15

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Praise God for your pastor’s leadership......

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A Bible in the Church

Sermon 810x631

Bringing a Bible to church does not make you a better Christian. But I found a list of several reasons why it is helpful to have a Bible with you. (From a sermon in January) Bringing and using a Bible "shows the Bible is important to you, to the greater glory of God." "For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division o...

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How to Look for Jesus

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Simeon was an old man, close to death, a righteous and devout follower of God. You find his story in Luke 2: 25-35. He looks for the comfort of Israel, the Messiah. Soon after Jesus' birth, Joseph and Mary arrive at the Temple, according to the Law of Moses, to present Jesus. Ancient Simeon is drawn to them. His looking is rewarded- here is the Lord's Messiah in person. ...

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Trapped behind a Wall

berlin wall

If you were born in East Berlin, Germany in 1961, you were born in captivity. East Berliners lived behind 15-foot-high concrete walls, prisoners in their own city. Escape was attempted, seldom achieved. The fear and frustration continued for three decades. Friends and relatives lived just feet away, on the other side of the wall; death threatened any physical attempt to v...

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