The Lee Family

David Lee is a Wakeman, Ohio native and has been serving in Romania since 2009. David and Felicia Lee love the Lord and love children. Together, they serve in Romania among abused and abandoned children. Felicia is Romanian, born and raised. David learned the language and culture to make Romania his home as well. Their ministry includes 1. “On Track” their Bible lesson and tutoring program and 2. Helping Romanian Christians foster and adopt children. You can directly give to their ministry here: Faith Global Missions-Lee Family




The Royer Family

Andy Royer is currently serving for Ethnos 360 in Jacutinga, Brazil at their Peniel Bible Institute. This institute trains Brazilians for church planting ministry among indigenous tribal peoples of Brazil. Andy’s responsibilities are mainly training men and women to understand and teach God’s Word and grow in character that reflects Christ. These trained people will then move into tribal groups, where they learn unwritten languages, write an alphabet and dictionary, and translate the Scriptures into their language. The end goal is to raise up indigenous pastors and leaders who will lead their own churches. Wakeman Congregational is honored to be a partner is this ministry. You can support them directly by going here: New Tribes Missions/Royer Family