Walk Through the Resurrection

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We had planned for this re-enactment to take place during our 2020 Easter Sunrise Service. Costumes were made, props were gathered and actors ready to go. God had other plans in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was hoped that the film would be used again if necessary, should bad weather prevent a future Sunrise Service or if another opportunity to focus on the Resurrection arose. 

A month ago, we did finally gather and walk through the Resurrection. (Initially we thought it would be a “drive-in” resurrection.) This video is the result of that. Thanks to all the actors, to Connie Button for costumes and set design, and especially to Lacie Green for filming and editing this final copy. 

May you be better able to visualize the actions and drama of that first Easter morning.  May God be glorified as you give thanks to our marvelous, living Savior.

Joseph of Arimathea † Kris Green

Nicodemus † Sean Murdock

Mary Magdalene † Christy Brammer

Mary (Mother of James & Joseph) † Debi McCullough

Salome † Autumn Thomas

Guard One † Steve Dillion

Guard Two † Lee Button

Angel One † Sean Murdock

Angel Two † Jason Liss

Peter † John Fabry

John † John Douds

Narrator † Connie Button

Director of Photography † Lacie Green

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